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Water and Fire Games

Water and Fire GamesPlaying with water is a lot of fun and playing with fire is very dangerous, so today we decided to add a super cool game that brings together these two things that children love so much, even though they are so dangerous! In today's water and fire games we play with two cute characters, one represents water, known as Watergirl the other represents fire and is known as Fireboy. The two form an unbeatable duo that adores adventures and emotions and today they are behind underground treasures, only that to be able to find the diamonds, you will have to help them of course and will have to control both players at the same time or if you prefer you can call A playful friend too, so the game becomes more fun and exciting!

In water and fire games you will have to open secret passages, jump through the fire and divert from the water that is in lakes, but the main thing is to take care not to fall in the lake of green water! For this will be deadly for both characters. At times, to get through obstacles and objects in water and fire games, you will have to use the reasoning to understand the secret of the game, will you succeed?

Water and Fire Games is on our list of Fireboy & Watergirl Games.


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      Dicas de Como Jogar e Passo a Passo (vídeo)

      Arrows control Fire and A, S, D, W control the water.