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Words Hunting in Portuguese

Words Hunting in PortugueseWord hunting games are very common in gossip magazines, newspapers and even on the internet, however it is very difficult to find a word hunter in Portuguese on the internet, that is why today we are bringing this version to Internet users who Access our website daily! In addition to being entirely in Portuguese, this game is much more fun than the magazines and newspapers themselves, because in it you find six different table options with different words and each time you start playing, the words are in different places, which Makes the game even more fun. The first and second table of words are animal, the third table is composed of names of cities in Europe, the fourth is composed of names of people the fifth by objects that are used in school and the sixth and last brings names again Of animals, some even unknown!

This is a game for adults, but very cool for children as well as being educational is also very good for them to train concentration and quick thinking, after all is what they need in the most difficult times in school, right? Choose with which word group you will play in the English word game and enjoy this super news!

Words Hunting in Portuguese is on our list of Word Search Games.


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