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Crazy Zombie

Crazy ZombieThe zombies have returned to the site of free online games and now they have come to dominate the entire planet, including the internet and of course only with their help they will be detained. In the game it is possible to play in 1 player mode or in 2 player mode where the two characters fight together against the zombies during all phases. The game looks very simple right at the beginning, but as you go through the stages you will realize that the difficulty increases greatly as the amount of zombies will increase as well. Soon after starting Crazy Zombie we will have to choose the characters that will be part of this deadly and bloody combat, then choose between playing in "Challenge Mode" or "Survival Mode", but remember that "Survival Mode" will only be available after completing The "Challenge", so start playing right now and enjoy yourself in this gruesome adventure.

Another important detail in the game Crazy Zombie are the phases, we will have dozens of different phases and cool and we will still have the options of "upgrades" to improve their characters, cool is not it? TIP: Press the J and K keys together for a fierce attack, but remember that this blow will consume some of your life.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the A, S, D, W keys to control the character, J, K, L, U, I, O to apply the punches and P to pause the game.