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Hello Kitty Bike

Hello Kitty BikeA new Hello Kitty game has arrived that all the girls have been waiting for, since they reserve many emotions and surprises, as you will have the opportunity to pedal the Hello Kitty bike that is beautiful, modern and all equipped with busina, Brakes and even gears. And with a super bike like this, Hello Kitty is sure to want to participate in many online racing games, but as she does not have much pedaling skills, she will be counting on her help, which will be of the utmost importance in this first race. But know that it will not be a race that other cyclists will also participate, because in fact it is a race, where the participant should bike and mark his time, since in this race, the objective is to find out if you are To Hello Kitty, can overcome the limits of speed on two wheels.

So get ready, as soon as you take the first cycle on Hello Kitty's bike, the time will start to be marked and the order is to cycle your bike as fast as you can. But know that in this route will appear many ascents and descents, and in the climbs, will be tested its physical resistance, since the hills are very high, but in the descents, you can relax, but always being very careful to stay balanced in On the bike, in this Hello Kitty online game.

Also do not forget to guarantee your points and for this, just make the kitty Hello Kitty reach for the satin bows, which are scattered everywhere and worth 100 points each. Now the most charming and famous kitty is counting on you to win your first race, so do not disappoint her and show great commitment, to surpass the limits of speed, pedaling the incredible Hello Kitty bike.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to move the bike.