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Scooby doo Games - Daphne Fight

Scooby doo Games - Daphne FightEveryone in the Scooby Doo class has different abilities, beautiful and charming Daphne is a great karate fighter and that's why she always participates in several fight championships. But not always the fights are easy for Daphne, since most of its opponents like to play dirty and that to win are able to do anything. So join the Scooby Doo Games and join Daphne's fight to show a lesson to opposing fighters who dare to challenge her. To do this prepare the fighter Daphne must fight against several creatures at the same time and to make matters worse they will be armed with torches of fire and sharp spears. But as she knows all the techniques of fighting is just put them into practice, giving many slaps, strokes and quick turns, to immediately knock the opponent down and eliminate it.

However do not try to fight more than two opponents at the same time, as you would have no chance to beat them, as you would be at a disadvantage in this online fighting game. The important thing is to believe in Daphne's strength and fighting skills, as she is prepared to overcome any kind of difficulty and this is what she wants to prove to everyone in this wrestling championship, which promises to be exciting at every stage.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Arrows to move the character, \"Z\" and \"X\" key for strokes.