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Skate Park

Skate ParkJake and his great friend Trixie will decide to participate in a great skate competition called Skate Park that will be held at the most radical track in the city park where the two live. But it turns out that the two are not very good at doing skateboarding maneuvers and for them to get along well in this competition they will need a lot of their help to train some maneuvers. So join the free online skateboarding games and help the two train hard to get on well in this competition and take home the title of best skateboarders of the year.

For this first it will be necessary that you select your favorite character that could be Trixie the radical boy or even the boy Jake. As soon as you have chosen your character depart for the training itself that will be on the own skating rink where the competition will be held later. Get your character up on the skateboard and make a real show of maneuvers in the air, so without doubt at the time of the competition he will be able to score many points.

But do not think that this will be a simple task to do, because to do a flip, Ollie or even a 360º you will have to concentrate a lot. So give it your all and show all your skills with a skateboard helping one of these two boys to train hard to win this competition of the best Skate Games of 2015, so sure as well as venturing a lot on this skateboard you will still have fun Of heap.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the arrow keys to make maneuvers and space bar to boost.