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Special Christmas Hairstyles

Special Christmas HairstylesAt Christmas time all women want to look beautiful and very well dressed and that's why you've been hired to work temporarily in a very popular beauty salon in your city. In order for you to perform all the hairdressing jobs that have been assigned to you, you will need to participate in the Special Christmas Hairstyles online game for free. Initially you will have to meet the first customer who came to the salon this morning and you should prepare her hair to make a beautiful hairstyle.

Take the shower and soak all the hairs of her hair so that you can then pass the shampoo on them. Rub this young woman's scalp thoroughly so that all the dandruff leaves her hair and so you can pass the conditioner that will leave her hair very soft. Now pass the progressive brush cream on her hair and rinse again so that her hair can be dried with the hair dryer.

Once her hair is clean and dry, you can go on to the next step, which will be to help the client choose a beautiful hairstyle for Christmas Day. Pass gel on her hair so the hairstyle will last a long time and start doing the hairstyle. Make a side braid, a coke or even a baby liss in her hair so that this client will look very beautiful for Christmas and you will have done a great job on Games of Professional Hairdressing.

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