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Spider-Man Epic Battles

Spider-Man Epic BattlesTake on a big challenge in the free online Spider-Man Epic Battles games where you will have to step into Spider-Man's skin to fight all the terrible enemies of it that are causing the biggest clutter in the city of New York . So hurry up and start fighting them in this epic battle right now by selecting the level of difficulty that might be the easy, medium, or difficult . Once the first setup has been selected by you, depart for the battle itself by clicking on the same sequence of scams as your computer does.

The scams to be used by you in this stage of the battle will be those of throwing spider web at your enemies or the punches where you will punch and kick at your enemies. Make your enemies take so many blows until they die and you move on to the next step of this great fight that will be to find the matching pairs of cards to be able to give some more blows to your enemies. At this moment of the fight you will have to pay close attention to all the cards that are turned by you to memorize where the equal pairs of them are.

Each time you hit and form a pair of matching cards, a hit will hit Spider-Man's enemies. But each time you click on different cards, Spider-Man's enemy may hit you and your bar Too much life, you will eventually die. So keep your concentration from the beginning of Spider-Man Games so that you will defeat all your enemies and you can move on to the next phases of the game.

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      How to Play and Step by Step (video)

      Use the mouse for all the actions of the game.