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Violetta Makeover

Violetta MakeoverVioletta was invited by Tomás the great love of her life to go to a romantic dinner tonight and as she wishes to be beautiful to enchant even more his heart, she decided to make a transformation in your look. And since you are the beauty salon owner where she will dress up, you will be responsible for changing her haircut, doing a beautiful makeup and even dressing Violetta. So join the free online Violetta Makeover games and perform all the beauty procedures on this little girl so she looks great.

First you will have to choose a new color and cut of hair for it can leave your hair long or even shorter. Then change the color of her contact lenses causing her eyes to become brown the color of honey, sky-blue or green. Then go to the next step that will be to make a beautiful makeup on her and pass a beautiful lipstick on your lips, pencil, mascara and shadow in your eyes and do not forget the blush. As soon as her hair is tidy and the makeup is ready choose a beautiful shirt for her to wear that could be a regular regatta or a shirt full of sparkles.

And to give an even greater touch of beauty and elegance to her new look in Violetta Games, opt for a beautiful pair of earrings and jewelry for her to wear. Then this little girl who loves music will be ready to go to dinner with her beloved and you will have left her with an incredible appearance in Transformation Games.

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