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Water Mania

Water ManiaSummer has come and because it is very hot this season there are many fires in the city where you live, but since you are a volunteer firefighter you can help all the people by putting out many flames. So go to the free online water mania games and quickly get your fire hose that is many feet long to extinguish fire bulbs that can be seen from a distance due to smoke. You will have to be quick and agile in all your actions, as the fire is taking over the houses, apartments and even the cars of all the residents of your city.

Start your volunteer firefighter jobs right now by first erasing the fire that is in the lower places like in the living room that sits on the first floor of a house. Then depart to the highest places that are on the second floor where the rooms and bathrooms are located. But for this you will have to position yourself in strategic places where you can see perfectly which places are on fire.

This way you will be able to aim and throw the water in the correct places and the fire that was soon spreading quickly will erase much more easily. Then do your best in free online firefighter games and show everyone that you are a great firefighter moving on to the next stages of this game which in total are 24 levels totally challenging and full of emotion.

Water Mania is on our list of Physics Games.


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